Premium Paint Protection

First impressions are important, and the most conspicuous feature of your vehicle is it's showroom shine.

You can't feel the difference, but new cars are coated with a different type of paint. These new paints are friendlier to the environment. Old paints were made using Lead, strong solved and other toxic substances.

These new environmentally friendly paints need to be protected against the many destructive substances continually attacking your new car.


VPS Paint Protection - Developed for the Commercial Airline Industry

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British Airways


Virgin Atlantic

United Airlines

Now formulated for your car

VPS Premium Paint Protection is applied to all painted surfaces on the vehicle, offering protection against the natural environmental conditions such as rain, tap water, hard water deposits, grime from the road, acidic fall-out, tree sap and most types of bird droppings.

Conventional paint sealants and car polishes simply aren't effective. VPS Premium Paint Protection doesn't try to create a barrier for the paint. Instead it bonds wither vehicle paintwork allowing it to breathe.

It constantly protests by neutralising and dispersing the toxic substances in the air and water.

You will be totally protected and VPS Premium Paint Protection looks after the environment also.

VPS Premium Paint Protection contains no solvents, abrasives or silicone and is 100% biodegradable.




Applications carried out by trained Professionals

State of the art "super resilient" flour polymer resin treatment

Patented protective coating cleans and neutralises air & water borne contaminants

Stops chemicals becoming concentrated & staining the paintwork

Easy Care and Low Maintenance, simply wash with VPS car shampoo

Protection against oxidation, pollutants and the savage sun

Preserves modern paints in "Show Room" condition

Eliminates the need for regular Waxing and Polishing

Yearly inspections will ensure the vehicle is fully protected